July 25, 2017

5 Best Food to Eat in Summers

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Change in the dressing trend obviously comes with the change in weather but are you aware that you also need to make some modification in your diet. Talking about summers especially, one must be very conscious about keeping oneself healthy as there chances of dehydration, skin allergies, and other deficiencies stay higher in this sweating weather. The best thing is to grab the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Below I am discussing the things which you must definitely eat:

1. Tomatoes:


Tomatoes are best known to get rid of chronic diseases. Along with antioxidants and Vitamin C they also consist of phytochemical which are helpful in reducing the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer. Moreover they are very heathy fro skin and digestive system.

2. Watermelon:


Watermelon is the hydration King. Fluids are what you need mainly to stay away from heat. So, you must eat this watery fruit to keep the hydration levels of the body balanced. Along with that it helps in satisfying appetite. Being enriched with lycopene, Watermelon is very beneficial to protect skin from sun damage.

3. Oranges:


The most crucial nutrient that is much demanded by human body in summers is potassium. Sweating is the reason behind that. The people who sweat a lot have higher risk of having muscle cramps due to loss of potassium. Oranges are not rich with potassium but also contain 80% of water which helps in keeping the body hydrated in sweaty summer season.

4. Yogurt:


I feel yogurt is specially meant for summers. This protein rich food immediately satisfies the growling tummy that keeps you away from unhealthy snacks. Yogurt also adds beneficial bacteria to your diet that keeps the digestive system running smoothly.

5. Blackberries and Raspberries:

Blackberries and Raspberries

I know I know! These ones are expensive but their benefits are very expensive. They are mine of Vitamin C which again are much needed by our body in creeping hot days.

Above were just the few of the beneficial foods but there are many more that you can eat to stay fit and healthy in summer season. As an example, Green tea is the best drink to have in summers to keep your heart healthy by balancing cholesterol levels. To keep your body hydrated, also try to have as much as lemon water you can regularly. Rest, we all are wise enough to understand the importance of green salad and veggies to keep the body masked from sun.

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy!!

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