July 30, 2017

7 Health Benefits of Haldi Powder

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Turmeric powder is extensively consumed in Indian kitchens for cooking purpose. But there are far more benefits of this amazing Indian spice. Due to its natural healing benefits, it is used in ayurvedic medicines and cosmetic products manufacturing. Curcumin present in haldi powder is best known for its therapeutic effects. Its modern consumption in European medicines comes from its traditional use in Asia.

Following are some of the salient health benefits of queen of Indian kitchen:

1. Prevents Blockage of Arteries: We all are familiar that blockage in arteries can lead to heart attack or stroke anytime. Turmeric powder helps in preventing that blockage by lowering down the cholesterol level and inhibits the oxidation of LDL because oxidized LDL deposits in the blood vessels walls and contributes to the formation of atherosclerotic plaque.

2. Reduces Menstrual Cramping: Suffering from menstrual pain or cramps is not uncommon.So, try using haldi extracts twice a day for two weeks prior to expected menstruation as antispasmodic properties of turmeric helps in smoothing muscles and thus prevents cramps.

3. Heals Itching and Inflammation: Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory agent to mucous membranes. Regular consumption of haldi powder can benefit from Colitis, Crohn’s disease and post salmonella conditions.

4. Natural Ointment: If the paste of haldi powder is applied on wounds they tend be healed fast than use of any other ointment. It is also well known that haldi powder paste is consumed in Indian medicines for snakebites.

5. Prevents Cancer: The antioxidant properties of turmeric also protects colon cells from free radicals that can damage cellular DNA. It also destroys mutated cancer cells so that they don’t spread in the body and cannot do any more harm. Studies have shown that it lowers the risk of prostate, breast and lung cancer.

6. Detoxification and Liver Functioning: Research have shown that this natural spice can help in detoxification and enhances liver functioning. If it is used widely it can probably mitigate the effects of various dietary carcinogens.

7. Protects against certain liver diseases: Curcumin in turmeric prevents acute damage liver daily by two mechanisms: one by acting as an antioxidant and another by inhibiting NF-kappa B activation.

To conclude it would be not wrong to say that haldi powder is the best spice among other Indian spices.Its numerous benefits always make it worth appreciation. But you must take care of the quality while buying it.

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