June 15, 2018

7 Myths about Spices you probably believe in.

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Indian cuisine comprises of a wide range of lip smacking dishes and vegetables cooked to perfection, in a multitude of ways.

Indian food holds a reputation for being hot spicy, oily and being an outright nemesis of the human digestive system.While, these misconceptions might be more prevalent in foreign nations, most Indians do not have a thorough knowledge about their own rich agglomeration of herbs and spices.For instance, did you know that the favorite spice of the Indian household, Turmeric has not been conclusively related to reducing inflammation.We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the fact is there are probably more misconceptions and myths about spices you might believe.

Misconception Number 1:

Spices are not as effective as prescription medicationSpices are not as effective as prescription medication

For centuries, Indian spices have been used by ancient cultures to alleviate common medical conditions like nausea, skin problems and vitality.



Misconception Number 2:

All spices are safe for consumptionAll spices are safe for consumption

Although spices are derived compounds of their dried counterparts, not all products that contain them are monitored or regulated. Most manufactures may present their product as 100% genuine. But only a few of them are actually committed to perfecting the craft. When dealt by untrained hands, the resulting flavor in your dish can turn toxic.With dedicated quality control team, Annapurna Spices is a name that you can trust.


Misconception Number 3:

Spices don’t need preservationSpices don’t need preservation

As any other natural product, spices too have expiration dates and should be stored adequately in order to preserve their freshness and potency. Most spices should be kept in dry, mild temperatures, away from sunlight.



Misconception Number 4:

Spices should always be used fresh, not drySpices should always be used fresh, not dry

All dried powders of common spices are derived from freshly grounded counterparts. While, it is true that the dried component is actually more potent than the grounded one, keep in mind that some type of herbs can turn toxic when used fresh.



Misconception Number 5:

Spicy food can cause cancerSpicy food can cause cancer

For a long time, doctors speculated spicy foods as a major contributor to stomach problems and ulcers. Which is something we’ve probably witnessed from various English movies and shows, right?But it turns out that Helicobacter pylori, a type of stomach bacteria was the real                                                                  culprit here, and not spicy food themselves.



Misconception Number 6:

Black Pepper is indigestibleBlack Pepper is indigestible

It is a myth that this miracle spice cannot be processed in the gastrointestinal tract. In reality, Black Pepper is not only digested, but historically, “pepper is described as a medical panacea.



Misconception Number 7:

Spices are bad for digestionSpices are bad for digestion

Though this can be true when consumed in large quantities, the same can not be said about the use of spices in small quantities. In fact, spices such as turmeric and fenugreek are proved to be useful for treating a wide range of stomach related problems.

We hope that we have sufficed the major myths Indians have regarding the nation’s exquisite range of spices.

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Why not spices?

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