March 5, 2018

9 Major Health benefits of using ‘Turmeric’

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The wonder herb Curcuma, which is popularly known as Turmeric has untold health benefits. This herb is dried and ground into a yellow powerful bitter powder. It’s a vibrant ingredient of almost all planning in all Indian kitchens that renders a memorable color to the curry. Those who like Indian cuisine, have tasted it and loved it for years. today we will be going to discuss 9 Major Health benefits of using Turmeric. It is used in almost all Indian meals. This may be a reason why India has the lowest rate of lung, colon, prostate and breast cancer. Turmeric has matched and even outperformed many modern medicines. It is packed with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. So it fights free radicals, rejuvenates the body cells, cleanses the liver, protects Heart and supports the brain. It is known for elevating moods. With its quality of lifting levels of dopamine and serotonin, it keeps us all a little happier. It supports a better memory and focus. Also regulates fat metabolism thus helps in weight management. Among its other benefits are regulating bile flow, reducing joint pain and bringing luster to the skin.
Called Haldi in Hindi, it has spiritual significance as well. It is referred to as the Golden spice or the spice of life. It’s used as a common accessory in Indian wedding rituals and prayer ceremonies. It is known for spiritual purification. It is said that this 2500 years old Ayurvedic supplement is better than any modern day supplements.

Points to remember while using Turmeric :
Optimize your use of turmeric.

1. Always buy certified organic Haldi. Make sure that your spices are free of chemicals, preservatives and additives.
2. Drink Golden milk. A glass of milk every day mixed with ½ tsp of Haldi or turmeric, some ginger powder, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom can help you in fat absorption and a gives you a great health.
3. Combine turmeric with black pepper and ginger have a synergistic effect and increase your bio-availability by 1000 times. Dissolve these spices in ghee or coconut oil while cooking.
4. Add it into your smoothies. Add a teaspoon full of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper to your smoothie or juice. Or sprinkle in your veggie mix and salads.
5. Take the pill with hot water. If you are taking a capsule version, take it with a cup of hot water, add ghee and a generous pinch of black pepper.
6. Applying turmeric rich paste on your face for 15 minutes and then washing it off makes your skin supple and radiant. Read about 9 Major Health benefits of using Turmeric bellow.

9 Major Health benefits of using Turmeric | Health benefits of Turmeric at a glance :

1. When combined with cauliflower, it has shown to prevent prostate cancer and stop its further growth.
2. A wound heals up faster when a warm glass of milk is taken mixed with a spoonful of turmeric due to its antiseptic properties.
3. Prevents breast cancer from spreading to lungs. Studies have shown that turmeric prevents melanoma and cause existing melanoma cells to destroy.
4. It also reduces childhood leukemia.
5. It also prevents Alzheimer’s disease by removing amyloid plaque in the brain. It prevents metastases from occurring in many forms of cancer.
6. It ‘s a natural liver detoxifier.
7. It is a natural pain killer. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is known to treat joint pains and even rheumatoid arthritis and it works without any side effects.
8. It also helps in fat metabolism thus helping in weight management.
9. For skin treatments, turmeric is used to treat psoriasis and many other skin inflammatory conditions.
This are the best 9 Major Health benefits of using Turmeric. Among other uses of Turmeric, it can be used to add a little zest to cooked vegetables, eggs and meat dishes. While making Pasta, rice, soups, a little addition of Turmeric will give a great color and taste besides a lot of health benefits. It also treats a cough and cold. A number of studies have shown that using curcumin is more helpful than certain prescription drugs.

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