June 6, 2017

Best Spice for Indian Cuisine – Meat/Chicken Masala Powder

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Indian cuisine has an amazing feature of diversity depending in which state you are in. But it is also true that all of them have one or other similarity and the secret in exotic indian spices. There are numerous non-vegetarian dishes eaten by people all over the Indian. Talking about India specifically, dues to religious belief only chicken and fish are accepted, though many people have adopted the western eating culture. Also, there are many ways to cook scrumptious chicken dishes.

To ensure the taste, aroma and hygienic cooking of chicken dishes, spice manufacturers took the responsibility of zesty spices for non vegetarian cuisine. Meat masala and chicken masala powder are two such products which are vegetarian by nature but consumed for not vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Know about Chicken Masala Powder

It is powdered mixture of dry roasted coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, black cumin seeds, some red chilly and peppercorn with some salt for taste. It can be used in curry or any fried recipes, even biryani. It has such a string palate then one spoon is enough for any food item. But keep in mind that keep the use of red chili powder low in the dish as this masala already consists of red chillies in it.

Chicken masala powder is also known as meat masala powder. It is mainly used in Keralan cuisine as a marinade for variety of meat especially mutton. The form in which it is ever used is by rubbing it on the meat pieces in dry form. Another way to use it by making a paste by mixing meat masala into oil and applying that paste to coat the meat pieces before cooking them.

It is an awesome spice that gives your dishes wonderful taste and aromatic fragrance. You can also make chicken masala powder at home and store it for a long time but the best way to use is to roast, grind and use this masala particularly at the time of cooking. Also, nowadays there are many online grocery store that offer best Indian masale with longer shelf lives. So, what are you waiting for, browse the web now and buy healthy chicken masala powder and cook delicious food!!

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