December 22, 2017

How is Ginger helpful in Health Improvement ?

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Ginger is an herb that grows mainly in Asia is used as a spice in cooking. It is also known for its therapeutic qualities. It is an underground stem (rhizome) that can be used fresh, powdered, dried, or in the form of oil or juice. Scientifically known as Zingiber officinale and derived from the dried ginger root, dry ginger is a versatile spice that can be used for medicinal or culinary purposes. In modern times, it is highly valued for its role in herbal medicine. The ginger powder also provides a longer shelf life and more versatility than the pungent fresh form. Dry ginger is very useful at every home. When ginger dries after ripening, it is called Dry ginger (Sond).

How to Use it ?

Take some amount of ginger as you want, soak in water full day, then peel the ginger with a knife or sharpen the bamboo stick and dry it well in sun light for a week. Depending on the quality and types of ginger, we get 18 kg to 28 kg dried ginger from 100 kg fresh ginger. If well-stored dried ginger, when necessary, can use up to a year. Dried ginger should be used after peeling. We should apply the calcium hydroxide on the dried ginger and dried and then the skin is removed and now it is ready to use.

Nutritional Properties of Dry Ginger

The medicinal value of dry ginger has been well documented and has been known to man since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, anti flatulent, anti emetic and anti microbial properties. Low in cholesterol and sodium, dried ginger is a good source of Dietary fibre, Vitamin B6, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin E, and Manganese.

Therapeutic uses of Dried Ginger

1. Dried ginger has been used in traditional medicine to give relief from gastrointestinal distress.

2. Ginger is very beneficial for the prevention of motion sickness. It reduces nausea and cold sweats, dizziness, and vomiting. It is also effective in morning sickness in pregnant women.

3. The Gingerols in dried ginger has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help in decreasing the level of pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Gingerols also prevent the growth and spread of colorectal cancer cells. They may also kill ovarian cancer cells by inducing programmed cell death and self-digestion.

5. Ginger can promote sweating which helps to lower body temperature. This process is helpful when treating colds and flus and also helps the body get rid of toxins.

Medicinal Properties and Health Benefits

1. Boosts Immunity: Antioxidants like curcumin and capsaicin, which are found in ginger powder, are known to reduce the effects of free radicals, thus reducing strain on the immune system, so it can focus on potential pathogens and foreign agents.

2. To Cure Throat Infection: When there is throat infection and throat pain make the dried ginger into a paste and apply on the throat so that it will be cured.

3. Aids in Digestion: The ability to soothe inflammation in the gut is one of the best qualities of this spice; it is also able to re-balance acidity levels and the bacterial environment of your stomach for better digestion and nutrient uptake efficiency.

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